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Maybe you are not familiar with AREX DEFENSE yet? We would love to include you! For 25th years AREX DEFENSE, previously only AREX, have developed innovative products, enabled by evenly innovative production methods.

Our heritage is from the tooling industry, where we got precision and quality under our skin. Then we gradually shifted to the defense sector, and through our new ideas and creative engineering, fast became a part of the industry leader in several areas.


We believe in independency in order to control the quality of both our products and our logistics. This is why we still make our own tools, and even our production lines are designed and made inhouse. In fact, we made several ammunition manufacturing lines so uniquely well, that it is now being sold and installed globally as a separate item.

We can truly claim that we have worked with near all of Europe´s best and finest names in the ammunition industry, and now also through our close partnerships, establishing ourselves in both North and South America. This means we can focus on innovation in development and production, and still remain a strong market position.


Nationally, AREX DEFENSE holds the strongest position. Not only for our national defense and police, but also as Centre of Excellence for our educational programs in machining and production work, educating the best machine workers and production specialists.

Close to 50% of our manufactured products are for third-parties defense companies. We are a trusted name within Europe´s defense industry. Not only because of being ISO certified or AQAP procedures, but because we offer our partners everything from fast and accurate production of their existing parts, to the full cycle through PREPROJECT – DESIGN – ENGINEERING – PROTOTYPING– DOCUMENTATION – VERIFICATION – PRODUCTION

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